Concorde Case Study: Robin Edgar

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Robin Edgar, owner of Robin Edgar Investments, an independent full-service financial firm, has been in the financial services industry for more than 25 years. An independent adviser for the majority of that time, Robin has received a number of awards in the securities industries—including consistently being the top producer for multiple firms. Robin has also participated in hundreds of seminars, a number of speaking engagements at community colleges and was even featured regularly on a live radio show Health, Wealth and Spice of Life.

The Need

As Robin progressed through her career, she developed a desire for access to more of an entrepreneurial environment—one that was smaller and more focused on providing products and solutions for higher net worth clients. She recognized that her clients wanted access to a wider breadth of products—something a lot of alternative and larger companies did not offer. Preferring to do due diligence on her own versus rely on a firm, she also needed a company that would give her the flexibility and support to operate on her own.

The Solution

Robin joined Concorde in 2013 and sold approximately 80% of her business. She took the top 20% of her clients and moved to Minneapolis where she now works out of her home. Having taken a bit of a unique approach to her business—most companies were growing while she was downsizing—Robin says she’s much happier now.

The Results

Since joining Concorde, Robin has experienced various benefits. For example, particularly since Robin works on her own without support staff, the technology Concorde invests in, including its single sign-on back office portal, has allowed Robin to focus on her clients and her relationships with them, thanks to Concorde alleviating the heavy lifting Robin experienced at other companies.

Concorde’s access to alternative investments and expertise has allowed Robin to exceed the expectations of current clients and appeal to higher net worth clients—something she was not able to do with other companies.

She has also been impressed by Concorde’s due diligence process—a process which has made life much easier for Robin and her clients because Concorde is not willing to sacrifice the investor’s best interest and their well-being.

Joining Concorde has allowed Robin to work independently, which has helped lead to more profit for herself and her business.