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6 Ways to Maximize Efficiency as a Financial Professional

As a financial professional, efficiency is key to success. You have a lot to get done, from client requests to meetings, trend forecasting, personal marketing and decision-making. The better you can use your time, the more you can accomplish. Financial Professional Tips to Help Your Success and Efficiency At Concorde, you don’t have to grow

Why Data Security is Essential for Financial Professionals

In an age where privacy is essential, clients depend on you to keep their information safe. For financial professionals, data security should be an ongoing conversation. Without it, you risk compromising confidential information and losing your client’s trust. To stay worthy of that trust, here are five practices to incorporate into your daily routine that

7 Ways to Grow Your Business As a New Financial Advisor

Financial advisors are in high demand, but this industry can be overwhelming if you’re brand new. You’ve already likely asked questions like: how do I build my client list? What should I specialize in to support my clients? How can I plan for my own future development? Concorde’s 7 Key Tips for New Financial Advisors

The Concorde Way: How We Support Your Business

When transitioning your business, how often have you been through the interviewing process and thought, “I think I’m the right fit for them… but are they the right fit for me?” At Concorde, we know you already have a dynamic business ready to take to the next level. As your support system, we believe it’s

5 Ways Women Need to Plan for Retirement Differently Than Men

Author: Robin Edgar Senior Recruiter Concorde Investment Services, LLC; Concorde Asset Management, LLC   Life can feel unpredictable, but preparation is key to our peace of mind throughout it all. Your financial future will likely look different from the person next to you—but I want to talk about women specifically. How are we planning for

Authenticity: The Key to High-Performing Teams in 2022

Several factors produce highly-effective teams: the right hires, the right structures, and the right tools can all impact outcomes. But what about the less tangible things that take your team from good to great? For leaders who want to accelerate their teams this year and create environments where employees can thrive, we recommend focusing on

How to Find Balance Between Data and Behavioral Insights

Keyword: behavioral finance and the role of psychology (MV 190, 34% KD)   As a financial professional, data is part of an everyday routine. Investment analyses, historical data, and trend reports—among other things—are important parts of the equation when helping a client lock in their next opportunity.   To add to a strong decision-making arsenal,

Concorde President featured in The DI Wire – Marketing and Networking Best Practices for Financial Professionals

Financial professionals work in an extraordinarily dynamic and rapidly evolving industry, where new tech, new tools, and new ideas constantly present exciting new opportunities for the savvy professional. Staying ahead of the curve is essential in such a highly competitive and ever-changing space. One of the best ways to make that happen is to step

Concorde President featured in The DI Wire – 2020 Foresight

While the unavoidable and ever-present backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic has obviously dominated the national conversation over the last six months, 2020 isn’t done making headlines just yet. The November 3rd presidential election is right around the corner. For financial professionals, this presents a remarkable (and, in many ways, historic) challenge: evaluating and responding to

History Lessons for Braving Economic Crises – Featured in Real Assets Adviser

While the full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is unclear (and likely will be for some time), public crises inevitably have a dramatic impact on financial markets. A look at past crises makes that clear, with widespread economic disruption and uncertainty leading to nervous investors and plunging markets. So, while the current market disruption may