Insurance Agency

Well-Built Brokerage Service

Offering national coverage, contracts with more than 100 carriers and decades of proven experience, Concorde provides your representative with a suite of insurance solutions—including insurance products, point-of-sale assistance, case design and case management.

Our holistic lineup of insurance products and services include:

  • Life insurance
  • On-staff underwriters
  • Fixed/indexed annuities
  • Online case management
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Paperless term insurance
  • Disability and group insurance
  • Estate planning attorney services
  • Electronic platforms for carrier appointments

Concorde Insurance Agency’s BGA affiliation is with Alpine Brokerage Services.

Lift Your Practice

We estimate that 10% of your Assets Under Management is the insurance revenue that’s embedded in your practice. If you’re not generating that revenue with your clients, it’s likely someone else is. Our goal is to bring that revenue to your bottom line. How?

Concept Training

Concept training for you or your team, to help find more suitable solutions, includes:

  • Personalized, individual concept training
Point-of-Sale Assistance

Need someone at the table to present the solution? Whether in person (when practical), or via webinar, Concorde Insurance Agency will provide point-of-sales assistance to help with case implementation.

Ease of Process
Case Design

While everyone has access to product in some way, Concorde Insurance Agency offers 26 years of industry experience in case design to help you craft a unique solution that best meets your clients’ needs and budget.

Our available templates gather accurate information in areas your practice may not often delve into, such as small-business owner planning.

Insurance Carrier Contracts

Concorde provides an easy process to access hundreds of insurance carrier contracts to ensure we are providing suitable solutions from highly rated companies with cost-effective products.

Illustration Support

Concorde Insurance Agency will survey all approved insurance carriers to find best-in-class solutions with illustrations for your client. We assist our financial professionals in selecting the right product or illustration for each particular need.

If you’re not sure which rate class to illustrate, Alpine Brokerage – our BGA – will provide an on-staff underwriter to obtain an estimate of insurability, as well as which carrier will understand your client’s health concerns.

eSubmittal of Applications

Alpine Brokerage Services offers paperless electronic applications to ensure the application is always in Good Order (IGO) and can shave an average of one week off the processing time.

Online Case Inventory Management

Case inventory management representatives have access to all their cases in underwriting – including all sub-agents – through an online portal that is updated in real time. You’ll even have access to the underwriter’s notes and can communicate through the portal to update outstanding requirements.

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