6 Ways Everyone Can Prepare for Financial Uncertainty

If you ask five different economists what the future holds for the American economy, you’ll likely receive five different answers. Some economists say there’s a 70% chance of a recession in the coming year. But Jerome Powell—current chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve—doubts that anyone knows for sure. “It’s not knowable,” he told the New

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5 Reasons Financial Professionals Are in High Demand

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an additional 136,400 job openings for accountants and auditors is expected each year for the foreseeable future. And if that statistic isn’t enough for you to believe that this industry is booming, just check the financial professional job openings on LinkedIn. But why are we seeing a growing

3 Tips to Navigate Market Volatility for Financial Professionals

According to a recent economic forecast, one word has set the tone for Americans’ financial outlook in 2023: uncertainty. Economists have varying projections on how the U.S. labor force, the housing market and inflation rates will fare in 2023. Some predict a recession, while others are more optimistic. A slight downturn in fuel costs and

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6 Ways to Maximize Efficiency as a Financial Professional

As a financial professional, efficiency is key to success. You have a lot to get done, from client requests to meetings, trend forecasting, personal marketing and decision-making. The better you can use your time, the more you can accomplish. Financial Professional Tips to Help Your Success and Efficiency At Concorde, you don’t have to grow

Why Data Security is Essential for Financial Professionals

In an age where privacy is essential, clients depend on you to keep their information safe. For financial professionals, data security should be an ongoing conversation. Without it, you risk compromising confidential information and losing your client’s trust. To stay worthy of that trust, here are five practices to incorporate into your daily routine that