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Whether you’re saving for college, planning for retirement or simply making sure you and your family have the financial confidence and freedom for life’s big and small moments, the expert guidance of a trusted and experienced financial professional is essential.

Concorde was founded with one clear goal: to empower financial professionals, giving them the tools they need to deliver creative, well-thought-out financial planning solutions. In other words, Concorde financial professionals use our industry-leading resources and transcendent service and support to deliver financial solutions that help you meet your financial goals and objectives.

Concorde is a full-service financial institution comprised of a registered broker-dealer, an SEC registered investment advisor and a full service insurance agency. Concorde oversees and supports the professionals who guide you through critical decisions when it comes to investing, saving, and retirement and estate planning.

What is the role of a broker-dealer?

Concorde (a broker-dealer) is a company that buys, trades, and sells securities and other investment products. We help clients connect with fully vetted investments that may have otherwise been hard to find. The right broker-dealer provides your financial professional with access to products, platforms, tools, information and support they need to do their job effectively.

Finding the right firm

Concorde was started by entrepreneurs with extensive experience as officers, directors and professionals in the finance industry – with the goal of providing better services for financial professionals.

Today, Concorde offers a full spectrum of support for financial professionals through our three lines of business: Concorde Investment Services, Concorde Asset Management and Concorde Insurance Agency. Our representatives get complete access to cutting-edge technology, infrastructure and back-end support to provide solutions that help financial professionals potentially meet the goals and objectives of their clients.


Access to people, programs, products and opportunities.


Support and resources that allow your representative to conduct business in a manner that is streamlined, sophisticated and secure.


Services that optimize the client experience with small conveniences, insights and expertise.

Concorde also operates with both total independence and absolute objectivity at all times.

Total independence

Concorde’s holistic program was designed and built with one goal in mind: to make it easier than ever for Concorde representatives to grow and manage your wealth. As a result, Concorde financial professionals are free to meet your needs in a way that is exclusively focused on your best interests.

We believe our independent model stands in clear contrast with many competitors who often face limitations and mandates placed on them by banks, insurance companies or other outside entities.

Concorde operates this way because we want financial professionals to do what they do best: help you reach your goals. Our culture of opportunity and entrepreneurship attracts talented professionals who strive to consistently deliver white-glove service and outstanding client results.

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The Concorde Difference


Concorde makes sure your financial professional has everything they need to serve you better—including access to industry leading technology, resources and streamlined processes. Sophisticated and comprehensive tech platforms allow financial professionals to manage and protect sensitive data securely and efficiently; use digital workflow solutions and relationship management tools to keep you informed and connected; and take advantage of cutting-edge research tools and wealth and portfolio management solutions.


Concorde has established a robust relationship with many of and most influential financial institutions, which means that your financial professional has access to potentially lucrative opportunities that might otherwise be unavailable.


Concorde professionals have no mandates or sales quotas—and are beholden to no one except you. Because Concorde’s independent model allows your representative to operate with absolute freedom and flexibility, they can leverage their proven expertise to provide personalized financial solutions custom-tailored for your personal and financial goals and objectives. They can also take advantage of our deep expertise in alternative and nontraditional solutions.


Concorde representatives have full access to Concorde’s management team, and receive around-the-clock support from dedicated personnel on call to handle emergent issues. Mentoring from established professionals and peer review capabilities from some of the most experienced and capable individuals in the business means that you and your financial professional are never alone. We are there for financial planning professionals so they can be there for you.


From our fully compliant paperless processing system, to our robust accounting and technology tools, to the extraordinarily granular level due diligence that we perform on products and programs, Concorde makes compliance and risk management our top priority. The result is that Concorde is able to deliver a combination of meticulous due diligence and vast marketplace access that Concorde believes many broker-dealers are unable or unwilling to match.

Managing and Growing Your Wealth

Concorde’s Asset Management arm helps financial professionals work smarter. We seek to unlock the hidden potential within firms and professionals, boosting growth potential and driving effectiveness with a diverse suite of robust business solutions. Our flexible multi-custodian model ensures that financial professionals are not locked in to a single, predetermined formula for potential success. With more than 500 different strategies available, our platform allows financial professionals to create and customize financial portfolios based on the unique needs of their clients.

Comprehensive Resources. Institutional Power. Absolute Freedom & Flexibility.

Crises are inherently disruptive. The market turbulence and volatility that follows can be disorienting, creating uncertainty about your financial future, when you’ll be able to retire and how to successfully manage your financial portfolio with a clear, long-term goal in mind. While the full impact of the still-evolving COVID-19 pandemic remains to be seen, it is clear that this public health crisis has had a dramatic impact on financial markets, and we believe will continue to do so.

Concorde-Crisis-eBook-ipad-previewTo provide our representatives and their clients with critical insights and valuable perspective during these unprecedented times, we have published an eBook entitled, The Next Big Thing Is Here: Now What?, a guide to market dynamics, investor uncertainty, and financial strategy in times of turmoil and market disruption.

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