Concorde Case Study: David Zupek


David Zupek, president and owner of TADA Wealth Advisors, a wealth management and retirement planning firm, founded the company more than 20 years ago. Since then, he has helped thousands of people plan for their retirement. David has delivered more than 750 seminars on topics ranging from retirement income planning, social security, alternative investments, long-term care planning and asset protection strategies.

The Need

David was faced with a steady decline in productivity stemming from broker/dealers wanting to change how he did business. He was with three different broker/dealers in 2012 alone; and TADA Wealth Advisors’ revenue fell by more than $200,000. David needed to find a broker/dealer that possessed a stronger business model, along with better processes and technologies, to help recover his losses and help get his business growing and back on track. He needed a broker/dealer that embraced individualism and independence, doing so with care and consideration, to help grow their advisors’ businesses.

The Solution

David joined Concorde in 2012 (his third and last broker/dealer in 2012) and says, “It was love at first sight.” Concorde provided a number of resources and tools to David that previously weren’t available to him. He was able to build a stronger business model and learned more efficient ways on how to manage his business due to the resources Concorde provided. These included, better back office technology, streamlined processes, marketing, and practice management consulting services. Concorde allowed David to work remotely and run his business the way he wanted—offering him the opportunity to be independent and to deploy his unique marketing strategies, while still receiving robust support from Concorde.

The Results

Since working with Concorde, David was the top advisor of revenue generated in the United States in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 through Concorde Asset Management, the RIA and Advisory arm of Concorde, with locations in Wisconsin, Illinois and Florida. He has also been able to hire more support staff.

TADA Wealth Advisors has been processing business electronically for four years now. Through Concorde’s single sign-on back office portal, David and his team are using and applying: Redtail to capture, track and record everything, E-money to better track outside held assets and financial planning goals and Morningstar Advisor Workstation, a modular investment research and portfolio analysis platform. Concorde also recommended that David hire a practice management and consulting/coaching firm. All of these technologies, processes and programs have helped  save time and money and operating more efficiently.

In turn, David has been able to spend time further developing relationships with current clients and generating new clients. Concorde has also helped David to become a more disciplined advisor with systematic procedures that are measurable.

Concorde even empowered David to weave his love for charter fishing into his businesses practices—taking clients and prospects on all-day fishing trips to build better relationships, which has resulted in new business and referrals.

Previously having primarily sold commission-based products, David switched to being primarily fee-based, which, in conjunction with the benefits that Concorde has provided his business, has allowed him to double his gross revenues. Through Concorde, David was even able to buy a firm of advisors that were previously commission-based in their desire to learn and apply a stronger business model. His business is now worth just over $2 million—up from the $200,000 valuation prior to joining Concorde.