The Concorde Way: How We Support Your Business

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When transitioning your business, how often have you been through the interviewing process and thought, “I think I’m the right fit for them… but are they the right fit for me?” At Concorde, we know you already have a dynamic business ready to take to the next level. As your support system, we believe it’s our responsibility to meet you where you already are and help you maximize your potential. But how exactly do we get there? Here are five ways you can count on Concorde:

1. We use technology to automate and enhance day-to-day work.

Technology can be a barrier to connection or a gateway to success: it’s all about how you use it. We continually look for ways to leverage technology as the solution to automate the management tasks that take up your day. A tool can’t replace a conversation, but it can get you on the phone faster. When you spend less time on the simple (yet essential) tasks, you have more time to invest back into your clients’ needs. Concorde Connect is just one of several solutions we provide to team members as part of our full-spectrum support system.

2. We create an internal support network for our team members.

There’s a reason we call our team a family. Concorde leadership has cultivated an environment of shared success. Everyone wins when you win—it’s in everyone’s best interest to support each other. Your Concorde colleagues and leaders will take a vested interest in who you are, in and out of the office. When we bring empathy and support to the table, our conversations, big or small, often produce more meaningful results.

3. We provide one-on-one mentorship.

At Concorde, we believe in an attitude of learning, and good mentorship can come from anywhere. You can tap into different employees’ unique skill sets and perspectives to enhance your practice with our team. More often than not, our leaders have an open-door (or open-Zoom-call) policy.

We’ve also developed several business resources for our financial professionals that can help enhance their practice. Whether you need guidance on transitioning your business to a new firm or want to learn how to leverage the power of client reviews, we’ve got you covered.

4. We develop resources to help your clients.

Your clients are always top-of-mind. Whether they’re interested in expanding their financial strategy or want to begin their investment journey, you’ll be their guide through the experience. We continually update our Client Hub resource center to provide your client with additional industry insights. These tools can help enhance your client meetings or expand your potential network while marketing your business.

5. We champion flexibility and innovation.

Due to the nature and culture of our business, you’ll never have one day like another. We encourage our employees to use their diverse skill sets to innovate and improve how they do business. You could find yourself floating between several unique problems or ideas throughout the day, and our team is here to give you the support to handle it.

Joining the Concorde Team

We’re ready to help you take the shackles off your business and help you expand to a bright future. If you’re ready for a change or your current broker-dealer may be holding you back, reach out to our team today and learn how you can join the Concorde team.



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