Concorde President featured in The DI Wire – 2020 Foresight

Drew Jackson DI Wire

While the unavoidable and ever-present backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic has obviously dominated the national conversation over the last six months, 2020 isn’t done making headlines just yet. The November 3rd presidential election is right around the corner. For financial professionals, this presents a remarkable (and, in many ways, historic) challenge: evaluating and responding to the potential impact of a landmark election in the middle of a global pandemic.

Every election in modern history has had an impact on the marketplace. But with high-profile debates and public discussion about some of society’s most fundamental issues on the ballot this year, 2020 feels like it matters more than most. Regardless of who wins in November, the stakes are high and the potential civic and social impact profound.

So what does that mean for financial professionals and their clients? What role will potential election-related volatility play in shaping investment decisions and financial planning strategies in the weeks, months, and years ahead? What should financial professionals be saying and doing as America prepares to vote?

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